Intro days

Introductory Day for your dog  

We offer an introductory day for new doggies.  This allows your dog(s) and host carer time to get to know each other, ensuring familiarity for when it’s time for their holiday! 

Before committing to boarding dates, most host carers like to offer an introductory day first.  With your dog’s best interests in mind, it’s important that both the host carer and your dog are very happy together.  This is a great way of your dog and host carer to get to know each other very well ensuring familiarity before drop off for your holiday.

Owners have commented on how lovely it is to see their dog arriving at the carer’s home all excited and waggy tailed, ready for their holiday.  It gives you peace of mind as well allowing you to relax and enjoy yours!

Introductory days are at an additional charge as follows.


1 dog @ £25 for the day

2 dogs (from the same family) @ £35 for both dogs

(drop off in the morning of the intro day and collection same day before 6pm)

For further information please complete the contact us section.