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Become a Carer


What do I do as a Pet Boarder?

Essentially you look after our client‘s pet/s in YOUR home. The client will provide the food, the bedding and toys etc; all you have to do is love, walk, and feed the pet/s essentially you maintain their routines. You are simply paid to feed, water, walk, and most of all, tender loving care whilst the pet lives in your home.
All you have to do is provide our client’s dog(s) with much love and attention maintaining ultimate care and comfort to the highest standards!

Our Requirements..

*You must be an existing or previous pet owner.
*You must have a reasonable level of fitness and good health.
*We will contact previous employers for references.
*Your previous levels of responsibility will be also taken into consideration.
*If you work then it must be on a part-time basis.
*If you can provide weekend care only due to work commitments then that is fine, as long as you have plenty of time to spend with the dog(s)!

If you feel that this is suitable to your lifestyle and you have what we are looking for then please  click here»