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Meet our Hosts – Maureen

Maureen Meet our Hosts

Maureen joined our team of host carers when Holiday Dogs began!

After growing up with dogs and being around dogs for most of her life, she certainly has plenty of experience when it comes to being around canine company.

Maureen has built up many regular clients and she loves having visits returning visits from them, she also welcomes new dogs too.

As Maureen is retired with no pets of her own she offers an ideal home for doggies who enjoy a touch of the quiet life, with walks, love and cuddles too, you can see why they love going back for more! 

Meet our Hosts – Pauline

John and Pauline are the proud owners of Tilly and Minnie, their gorgeous cavalier king Charles spaniels! John and Pauline have taken early retirement so together with Tilly and Minnie are able to offer a warm welcome to holiday dogs anytime.

Tilly and Minnie are lucky to own such a lovely sized garden and love to share it with other dogs to have some canine playtime. They are also ideally located in Melton, nr St Audry’s Park, with many heathland, woodland and riverside walks being one of the daily choices. Tilly and Minnie love it and sure that any holiday dog will too!

Meet our Hosts – Penny


Penny has owned dogs all her life, so with many years experience she understands how important it is to give lots of love, care and devotion to dogs on holidays. Lottie her gorgeous King Charles Cavalier is 7 years old and just loves to share her home with a canine companion.  With a large enclosed garden and access to many country walks close by they really do have lots to offer.  Penny and her husband are both semi-retired so dogs on holiday can enjoy human company (and cuddles) throughout their whole stay.  Penny says “there’s nothing like curling up on the sofa with a dog on my lap… even better if there are two!”


Meet our Hosts – Yvonne and Barry

Yvonne and Barry hosts

Not only have Yvonne and Barry many years of experience with dogs, they have also been customers of Holidays Dogs! They liked our service so much that they decided to become host carers. After losing their beloved German Shepherd, Tyla they found that a home is not a home without a dog to share it with.  So when a holiday dog comes for a visit they are in their element! Being retired they are able to spend lots of time, care and attention to their holidaying dogs.  Located in a quiet part of old Kesgrave, minutes from Foxhall Heath they have plentiful walks on their doorstep. Yvonne says “It’s just great to see the dogs getting excited when they come up to the door for drop off, with their tails wagging and owners smiling, feeling happy to leave their beloved dogs in our safe hands.  It’s such a rewarding job, we both love it!”

Meet our Hosts – Jo

Jo Meet our Hosts

Meet Jo and her lovely Labrador cross, Thelma!

Jo and Thelma live in Grange Farm, Kesgrave.  They have lots of lovely walks around locally and they both love having new and returning visits from their holiday-ing dogs!

Jo says “it’s great to see Thelma excited when an extra doggie turns up, she loves having another dog to play with and it’s so lovely to see them all happy together.  I like it when owners pick up their dog and see how happy they are, knowing they’ve had a lovely time.  It’s a very rewarding job, I love it!”

Jo T dog

Meet our Hosts – Erin and Mark

Erin and Mark Meet our Hosts

Meet Mark, Erin and Paddy, together they welcome new and their regular returning dogs into their home for fun-filled holidays!

Being a boarding client, they decided to join our team of host carers, Paddy loves the company and Erin just loves spending her spare time looking after holiday dogs! 

Erin has no working commitments so is able to devote lots of time, care and attention to their dogs staying with them.  Living in Framsden, they have lots of lovely walks on their doorstep and Paddy loves having canine company around.  He also likes to share his settee for cuddles after a long walk! 

Meet our Hosts – Fran

Fran Meet our Hosts

Meet Fran and her very own lovely Labrador, Hattie!

Fran welcomes holiday-ing dogs for weekend stays and also during school holidays.  This is when she has no working commitments, so is able to devote her time and care to looking after doggies on holiday.

Together with the help of Hattie, they make their holiday stay dogs feel welcome and treated as part of the family.  They are also situated near Foxhall Heath so have many lovely walks on their doorstep.

Hattie very much enjoys having new friends come to stay and gets excited when they return again for another stay!

Meet our Hosts – Cress

Cress Meet our Hosts

Meet Cress and her two adorable dogs, Dotty and Loki!

After being one of our clients, Cress decided to join our team of host carers.  With no working commitments and living with her husband who works from home, Cress has plenty of time to devote to looking after doggies on holiday.  

Living near Foxhall Heath, they have many walks to keep holiday-ing dogs entertained.  Together with the help of course from Dotty and Loki, who just love extra canine company, they’re always on hand ready for a play and happy to share their bed after a fun day!

Meet our Hosts – Emily

Emily Meet our Hosts

Here we have a dog loving family! Emily, Louise, their children and not forgetting Bailey, their fun loving little Lhasa Apso.

Emily is a stay at home mum, she enjoys nothing more than spending her time with the dogs that they look after. Together they make a wonderful team, there’s always someone on hand to give their time and attention to their holiday-ing dog. Bailey loves having doggy company, sharing his walks and time at home is what he does best!

Emily and family live in Ipswich and with the heath nearby Bailey and his new friends get to enjoy lovely walks together before going home for cuddles and playtime!