Dog Loving Host Carers – Pauline and John

Meet Pauline and John

Dog loving host carers, Pauline and John welcome dogs to stay in their home, with the help from their own dogs, Smudge and Dolly.  Dogs receive lots of love, care and canine company whilst staying here.

Where are host carers, Pauline and John located?

With a lovely sized secure garden, this is ideal for sharing some canine playtime and enrichment. They are also ideally located in Melton, near St Audry’s Park. With many heathland, woodland and riverside walks being one of the daily choices. Smudge and Dolly love it and sure that any holiday dog will too!

Our dog loving host carers, Pauline and John have hosted many happy holiday dogs.  They joined our team when we began in 201, so have built up some lovely returning canine clients.  Being retired, they are able to devote lots of care and attention to dogs on holiday.  This is certainly the ideal job for them both, and of course Smudge and Dolly too.

Due to their popularity, they do become booked up very quickly as they receive returning visits from their canine guests. It’s always best to plan in advance, and to be flexible with dates to suit.  This is definitely the way forward to getting your dog booked in with them.

How do host carers, Pauline and John introduce new dogs into their care?

Offering an introductory daycare first means that you, the owner has the chance to meet with Pauline and John.  Your dog can then spend a whole day here to become familiar with the home, garden and spend time with Smudge and Dolly too.  This is a great way of introducing your dog to the new surroundings, ensuring familiarity for when it’s time to drop off your dog for their holiday.  Many owners have commented how lovely it is when they drop their dog off, seeing them so happy with tails wagging brings a very welcome sigh of relief to all owners.  And of course, this then means that you can go away feeling happy in the knowledge that your dog is content and excited for their holiday! 

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