Group Dog Walk: Rendlesham Forest

REndlesham Forest Group Dog Walk
The first ever Holiday Dogs Group Walk

A great first Holiday Dogs Group Walk event on Sunday! It was great to see lots of people attend our first of many forthcoming Walk gatherings.

Terrier in Rendlesham Forest
Exploring the shrubbery

At around midday we all took a walk along the ‘Red Trail’ in Rendlesham forest, which everyone enjoyed, especially the doggies, who found unrivaled entertainment in running in and around bushes and shrubbery. To those little canines, a big enough tree with some bracken around is like a theme park!

They were all very well behaved, and were all really full of energy, especially when they first met each other, definitely some very excited dogs. After the healthy 3 mile walk, they all looked tired and in need of a good drink and some sleep. Well, our little cockadoodle Eric certainly did!

A walk in the forest
That’s what Holiday Dogs Group Walk is all about, giving dogs and their owners a chance to meet other dog lovers, and take a relaxed approach to something your dogs will love.

As always, we are open to suggestions regarding walks that you either know or have heard about, that are ideal family friendly and entertaining places that will be enjoyed by people and your doggies alike!

Any comments you might have about the walk are always appreciated, so feel free.

Feel free to come along to our next event, even if you didn’t come on Sunday. Big Walkies is designed for everyone and anyone, and any dog at all, from big to small (like little Roxy on the left).