Home from home
dog boarding

Dedicated home care for your pet pooch

  • Home boarding for your beloved dog(s)
    From our host carer’s home, your dog will love their holiday allowing you to enjoy yours!

  • A choice of dog loving host carers
    Click here to see our team of dedicated host carers

  • Walk, feed, care and cuddles
    We aim to keep to your existing routine as much as possible, keeping your dog(s) happy and content, with cuddles being at the top of the list!

  • Meet with the host carer first
    It’s important that you, the owner meet with selected host carer first, giving you the opportunity to discuss any finer detail face to face.

  • Introductory Day for your dog
    We offer an introductory day for new doggies. This allows your dog(s) and host carer time to get to know each other, ensuring familiarity for when it’s time for their holiday!

  • Contact Us
    Complete the form, depending on availability we’ll match up a host carer for you. You can then make contact with them direct and arrange for an introductory day.

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to see our host carers and what they have to offer.


We offer owners peace of mind whilst away, knowing their dog is well cared for and content.


It is important to meet the carers before placing your dog
This allows your dog and the carer to get to know each other.


My aim is to keep grooming as enjoyable as possible in a calm and relaxed environment

Our Host Carers